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Logo, Branding & Website Design

by | Apr 26, 2023 | SEO, Website Design, Website Development

Web development and design with SEO for attorney firm in US. Design by Malini @ Ochre Art and Design

We designed this project from scratch to finish – logo, branding and website. And I love these kind of projects because we really can tell our clients story through their logo, branding and website.

Anyhow, the project was for a couple of attorneys who were teaming up to start a new law firm. Their goal was to have a professional and contemporary logo and branding strategy that reflected their mid-century modern aesthetic. Additionally, they required a website to showcase their services, friendly approach to law, and combined experience of over 25 years. Despite the challenge of completing the project within a tight timeframe of just three weeks, we managed to launch the project one day ahead of the deadline. It was a significant accomplishment, and we were thrilled to see it come to fruition. This project was particularly special as it resulted in numerous additional projects for attorneys, which made it well worth the effort and stress we endured. Woop-woop!!

Take a look at the website here https://kmmediation.com/


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