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Malini's Canvas

Yes, I am also a book artist, weaving stories that resonate with themes of women’s rights, patriarchy, and gender inequality. My art serves as a reflection of personal cultural experiences and outdated societal norms.


Explore my world of art, where every creation tells a story worth sharing.



“From Familiar to Unfamiliar” is an exploration of the immigrant journey, focusing on my personal story as an international student in an American art school. The book intricately weaves together Hindi and English letterforms to create captivating patterns that serve as visual representations of my thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Structured to unfold like a blossoming flower, the book’s top view reveals a homage to the meaning of my name in Hindi, Malini, meaning “a garden of flowers.”

The installation consists of six books, each representing a semester of my study. Five of these books are bound inwards, symbolizing my attempt to conceal aspects of my experience as an immigrant. The final book features text on the exterior, symbolizing my decision to confront and articulate my challenges openly. This intentional design choice offers a poignant narrative of self-discovery and empowerment amidst the immigrant experience. The book earned the prestigious Design Arts Thesis Award. 

Medium: Digitally printed book, Coptic Stitch Binding; Limited Edition of 7 books; 2005; SOLD OUT


Through this book, I delve into the deeply ingrained gender biases that permeate India’s culture. Comprising two distinct parts, this work invites viewers to confront societal norms and personal narratives woven together.

The first part introduces The Fortune Teller, a seemingly innocuous childhood game that serves as a portal into the harsh realities of gender inequality in India. Through interaction, viewers are confronted with stark statistics and prompting reflection on systemic biases.

In the second part, I lay bare the depths of my childhood memories, seeking resolution through artistic expression.

Medium: Digitally printed, Japanese stab bound book, 2016; Limited edition of 30; SOLD OUT


This book is a contemporary, typographic exploration of the book “The Story of O.” It is printed on translucent paper with subsequent pages and its content visible, inviting the viewer. The shape of the letter O in its various iterations: serif, sans-serif, regular, bold, script, upper and lowercase along with the color and feel of the paper accentuate the sensuousness of the book.

Medium: Digitally printed artist book, hand bound (Japanese stab binding); Limited Edition of 10; 2007 SOLD OUT


UNFOLDING PATTERNS OF ATROCITIES explores the genocide that was “unfolding” in Darfur in 2007. It is letterpress printed with handset type and illustrations printed from polymer plates. The cut-up poem was composed by me from Nicholas Kristof ’s coverage of the genocide in The New York Times. The blind embossed illustrations were hand drawn from photographs of a Die-in performance staged in conjunction with this project at Oregon College of Arts and Craft. (A Die-in performance is a form of protest where the participants simulate being dead.) The line drawings at the bottom of each page connect to form the map of Sudan, the epicenter of the Genocide.

Medium: Handset letterpress printed; Limited Edition of 10 books; 2007