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Accessibility in website design

by | Apr 26, 2023 | Accessibility, Website Design, Website Development

Accessible SEO friendly website design for a disability attorney. Design by Malini @ Ochre Art and Design.

Here’s a website we designed for an attorney who specializes in disability law.

One of our top priority for the design was to not just design a website that was professional, functional and user-friendly but the emphasis was on accessibility – since her target audience is people with disabilities.

Whether a user has a visual impairment, hearing loss, or other disabilities, we wanted the website to be accessible to everyone.

We used a variety of techniques to ensure accessibility, including using clear and simple language, providing alternative text for images, and using high-contrast colors for text and backgrounds. We also installed an accessibility plugin so users could customize the website based on the users’ preferences – increase the font size change the font for those who are dyslexic, change the mode for ADHD, etc.

And yes, every website needs to be accessible, irrespective of who your target audience is! Let’s make the digital world inclusive for everyone.


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